Titan Challenge Slick String

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It is the sum of all components that goes into the racket that makes the difference from an average product to something extraordinary. The string is sometimes a bit neglected, but it is really a key component of outmost importance. After all, you don't hit the ball with your racket frame (at least, not intentionally); you hit it with the string.

Certainly, the racket frames is no doubt very important, because it holds the string, but the string has huge impact on power, control, and feel to every stroke – quality makes a difference.

Squash string is a very technical product, even though differences may not be easy to see at first glance, variables include diameter/thickness, materials and construction of the string. In addition, string tension has a huge impact on how the string performs.

When we set out to design and build Salming squash rackets we required a unique high quality technical string. Therefore, we have formed a partnership with DoubleAR, a technical yarn specialist in northern Italy that holds a number of unique solutions and patents for their high quality squash strings.